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"Succinct, systematic, eminently practical, and thoughtful approach to navigating your transition to UX.

All too often, advice on transitioning into the UX field makes it sound like happenstance or luck: 'I was already doing design then I got curious about the research side' or 'I was in the right places at the right time' There are magical unicorns that get swept up in a UX wave and never look back. For everyone else, there's Lauryl Zenobi.

I spent an immense amount of time in my life in my late 20 and early 30s reflecting, researching, reading, and stressing about what I wanted to do with my life. Lauryl talks about transitioning to a new career being so difficult because our identities are bound up in our work. The book is peppered with real stories that take this step by step workbook out of the aspirational and into the practical realm. As much as it is a thoughtful step by step, how-to (buy it for the interview guide alone folks) it is also a hope bringer. It puts you in charge of an overwhelming process. Without giving away the key elements, the steps guide you in a way that seem eminently doable. In a world full of books suggesting 200 page annotated bullet journals and excel sheets with pivot tables, Zenobi's streamlined methods are a breath of fresh air."

Special Projects Director at Tech Talent Project, Principal User Researcher

"In I Want a UX Job Lauryl presents important considerations for making the shift into the UX research world, including understanding the fundamentals about the field, what your typical work day looks like, how to find your UX community, crafting your resume so you speak the language of the hiring committee, getting that crucial experience in the field, and finally landing your first job.

Lauryl’s pragmatic approach gives you a handbook with practical guidance, worksheets, and stories from UX practitioners who've been there, done that and succeeded to help you improve your chances at getting your foot in the door of your first UX research job. A must read for all UX Research fledglings!"

Research Manager, Facebook

"I want a UX job! is a much needed book to help people just breaking into the field of User Experience Design. No matter where you're starting from, this book has practical, accessible advice and diverse stories about everything from training to resumes to interviewing. Much like the field itself, the book is full of empathy and understanding for the reader who may be at a crossroads in their life and is in need of mentorship. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to get a job in the UX field!"

Professor & Chair, Human Centered Design & Engineering, University of Washington

"Lauryl has written a wonderful guide on how to change careers into the rewarding and growing field of user experience research. Her book lays out what skill sets you’ll need to develop and how to do it.

Based on my own career change — from technical theater to UX research — I think her most valuable advice here is how to market yourself as a researcher. She shows how to demonstrate your existing research skills by describing your previous work through a UX lens and by using the language of this industry. You’re not starting from scratch. You already have more experience than you might think!

Changing careers can be scary. Lauryl shows you where to begin and has included many stories from people who have done it successfully. I wish I’d had this roadmap when I was planning to enter the field."

Former Executive Director of 18F

"With newer careers like UX research, it's hard to know where to take your bare-bones basic questions about the industry. With I Want a UX Job, Lauryl's put together the beginner's explorer's kit, complete with stories from experienced researchers to light the way"

Former tech columnist and cofounder of The Evergrey

"This book is packed full of actionable, practical advice for folks looking for their first job in UX Research. Lots of detailed information from somebody who's clearly done her research."

Principal, Users Know

Author, Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups

"Lauryl Zenobi’s I want a UX Job is an indispensable resource for people who are figuring out how to make the move into user research from academia, or from any other profession. The book is bursting with specifics: exact steps to follow, templates and samples that make the “how” absolutely clear, and pointers to numerous other resources. Lauryl serves as your friendly and enthusiastic coach through the process, sharing her own story and bringing to light the stories of a number of other researchers. As a bonus, the book also serves as a detailed ethnography of the work of user research, analyzing and describing the language, and practices, and shared cultural beliefs of the profession. I’m eager to recommend this book in all my future conversations with people making this professional change."

Portigal Consulting

Author, Interviewing Users

“While there are countless books focused on building expertise in foundational UX research methodologies, there are very few resources aimed at helping UX job seekers break into the industry -- and none with the level of granularity and practicality of Zenobi's I want a UX job. She zeros in on each step of the process, from how to translate skills into UX competencies all the way to the job negotiation stage. As a hiring manager, I often see resumes from folks with adjacent experience, either in academia or other industries. While these candidates often possess the raw skills, I believe a resource like Zenobi’s book can help a new job seeker connect the dots to create a story that explain why they are qualified for a UX job. Finally, the nods to further reading and community resources along the way provide opportunities for learning that even current UX professionals will benefit from. As a researcher within a small company, I rely heavily on the wider UX community to aid in my professional growth. I finished this book with a long list of new places to look to further my craft and network!”

Research Lead, OkCupid