Do you want a UX job?

A book on how to transition to a UX research career

There are dozens of excellent books on how to do research. This is the first book on how to become a researcher.

Every researcher started somewhere. Most of us stumbled into UX from other career paths without any guidance. When I moved into UX research, there was no guide book. So I wrote one.

What people are saying


"This book is packed full of actionable, practical advice for folks looking for their first job in UX Research. Lots of detailed information from somebody who's clearly done her research."

Principal, Users Know

Author, Build Better Products and UX for Lean Startups

"The book is bursting with specifics: exact steps to follow, templates and samples that make the 'how' absolutely clear, and pointers to numerous other resources. I’m eager to recommend this book in all my future conversations with people making this professional change."

Portigal Consulting

Author, Interviewing Users

Who is this book for?

This practical book will teach you how to translate your past experiences and frame yourself as a budding researcher. Along the way you'll learn how to develop your skills, join the research community, build your research portfolio, write your UX resume, and find and interview for UX research jobs.

If you want a career in UX research, this book is for you.


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